Our Story.

Boy from Chicago back in California after a stint in Kabul, Afghanistan. Girl from Maryland just moved to Santa Barbara after a trip to SE Asia.

Ray LaMontagne concert second night they met.

First trip together one month later to San Francisco, CA where it was basically love at first T R A V E L. golden-gate-wideJax pics 182

“AS soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen”



  • I thought you guys were familiar!!!! And then on the moto ride home it finally dawned on me!! It was so great to meet you guys tonight!!! Can’t wait to hang out more!!!



    • So nice to meet you too! I felt like I was meeting a local celeb so you will have to excuse me if I said anything weird!! 😉 You guys have been such a helpful guide navigating our way through PP this first month.

      Looking forward to chatting and hanging more. My email is jaclynmcc@gmail.com if you want to grab coffee sometime or take a trip to the market together sometime.

      See ya Sat!



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